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The book.

She wrote a book. Not just any book. This book is so… Horrendously awful in every single way, just writing wise, but not just that. It is… TWILIGHT. To make it even more awful, it’s worse than Twilight. Which I didn’t think was humanly possible. But she achieved it. To make it clear for you, here’s a brief summary of the story line. 

A teenage girl moves from “sunny” New York city, to “every rainy” Colorado. To live with her MOTHER. She meets a mysterious boy named ETHAN, who turns out to be a vampire who is cold as ice, and a whole bunch of super tall, super warm dudes who turn out to be werewolves. She falls in love with the vampire, blah, blah, blah, and it’s really gloomy and whiny and angsty all the way through. Sound familiar? 

This shit is… It’s Twilight. The vampire’s family even has siblings who are dating. It even has a “newcomer” to the family named Joel. And, worse, she insists that she wrote this book three years before Twilight ever came out. Which, considering Twilight came out in ‘05, would place her in second grade (Which, considering how badly it’s written, doesn’t sound too far fetched.). 

Not only is the story line awful, but the grammar is bad enough to make you want to fling yourself into the mouth of a hungry shark. There are so many misused commas. It’s like Literature is crying. She describes characters in vivid detail the first time they are ever seen. At one point, she spent an entire paragraph describing some guys eyes. 

Oh, and the girl lives in a “super small town” that happens to have its own airport, and it takes an hour to drive form said airport to her mother’s house. 

We would go on, but if we do, this post will be endless. So, we’ll just say that it’s an awful, awful thing, and is not for the faint of heart. The title of this book has to do with BLOOD. So.. DO with that what you will.

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